If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.
— Tony A.Gaskins Jr.

Calling all heart based entrepreneurs or aspiring freedom lifestyle business owners who have a message and passion to share with world!

Have you been aching to take your business to the next level? Are you struggling with building your brand, signing clients and gaining a tribe who are really clamoring for your service and message? 

Trust me, I know how you're feeling. I know the skip in your heart when you dream of working in your business full-time.

I know the dream of traveling to exotic places and working from different hotel balconies around the world...

I know the dream of having a cocktail in your hand on a beach in Thailand in between clients...

I know the dream of wanting to only work with people who absolutely light you up.

I know those dreams because five years ago, they were my dreams too...

Through my years of business training and personal one on one mentorship, through my years of trying and failing and trying some more, I have created my own signature laptop lifestyle program, a program designed to guide you into creating that life of abundance, adventure, freedom and purpose that you as an entrepreneur have been craving.

'Barefoot Business' is the coaching and mentorship program that I needed when I embarked on my own life coaching career! It's all of the lessons, philosophies, content and actions that I have learned over the last five years that have gotten my coaching career to where it is today! Over the years, I hired the best coaches and mentors so I could learn how to not only become a master coach, but become a master business owner as well. Some material was life changing, completely transforming my business, some material was filler... I have only kept the life changing material and the life changing material is what I offer you here. In 'Barefoot Business', it won't take five grueling years of trial and error and sleepless nights of frustration. In my signature business program, you'll learn and implement it all in only six months (oh, it's gonna be a fun and exciting six months, baby)! 

See, this isn't your typical group coaching model with webinars... I want to offer you what dramatically changed my business and life, personal coaching and mentorship. I want to spend time with each of you one on one, in a deeply personal and heart to heart way. I want to work through these lessons and systems together and coach you personally to the greatness that you know you're destined for. I want to engage with each of you on a personal level, because that is what launched me to where I am today.

I only accept five business coaching clients per six months, so apply today if you're ready to change your business and life to extraordinary new heights. 

Barefoot Business is the program for you if:

  • You have a service based business or have been thinking of starting one... This includes Coaches, Mentors, Consultants, Personal Trainers, etc.

  • You want the freedom of having your 'office' in any corner of the world

  • You want to master sales without being salesy, booking yourself solid with clients you love

  • You want to build a tribe of fans and followers that eat up your content, becoming a social media rockstar

  • You want to work on what is actually conducive to making you money instead of working aimlessly at all the wrong things

  • You realize that life is too short to settle and you want to do full-time what you're absolutely passionate about

  • You've been dreaming of having a business where you create your own hours but have been struggling to get there

  • You want to create life changing income and build your brand name to epic and exciting levels 

  • You want to light the world on FIRE and do the same for your business and life

  • You want to leave a legacy that touches lives all across the globe

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