Announcing the
'Barefoot Business'
Coaching Program for 2017

Create a Business & Life of Freedom, Adventure, Abundance & Purpose


feeling lost in life?

If you don't know what to do with your life, you're in an incredible position.  We live in a society where we're told we must always have our eye on the next thing, that we must always be preparing for the next school, the next job, the next big career change. How are we supposed to know what to do with our life if we never took the time to discover who we are? 

If you are lost, then you are also free. Free to go down new routes, explore new territories and be adventurous in your career choices. But be lost on purpose! Pursue your interests and passions, travel the world, read! Don't stress about being lost in life, some of the best people were where you are for a LONG time. Be lost and open yourself up to the possibility that awaits you.



"Travis Barton found me on Twitter last year during a difficult period of my life. This couldn’t be a coincident - he changed my life completely. I became enormously motivated and inspired by his attitude of coaching. All his youtube videos are so helpful and easily to adapt to my life. His positivity is contagious, it’s always a great pleasure to see him online during his coaching sessions. Travis has a very natural attitude of coaching which I've never seen at another coach in my life. I like the structure and stability of his working style, and you feel a sense of confidence from the first moment of contact. My life has changed completely since last year. He helped me to find out what I needed in my life. I highly recommend Travis Barton for everyone who wants to find his life purpose, to start as entrepreneur or who just wants to get a better life.” 

- Ulkire