Adventurous Coaching for Extraordinary People

everything you want lies within you. 

about mE. 


Hi! I’m Travis Barton,

I’m an expert at taking people who want to be extraordinary to epic new heights.

Life coaching was always a very clear decision for me. Like myself, everything you want lies within you, it’s just a practice of uncovering what that is and courageously moving into it. Guiding others to realize their dreams, to show up powerfully in the world as their highest self, and to realize their long-abandoned goals, live happier, more fulfilled lives of purpose and passion has long been a deep fire within me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I've always had an absolute lust for an extraordinary life and all it had to offer. A new day was always looked at as a gift and, even as a young boy, I relished them. I never wanted to just survive a life, I wanted to really live a life.

Today, I still have that attitude of exploration, excitement and adventure for living.

My coaching is designed to provide inspiration and to facilitate positive change and growth to those who want to stop settling in life and are ready to reach their pinnacle potential in all of life’s many grand adventures. My coaching is tailor-made to the most important person in my world, the person sitting in front of me at the time, the person being coached.

Most people die with un-lived adventure still inside them. Not my clients.

The people I work with are high octane livers. They’re ready to stand in their power and show up in the world in a big way, boldly going into life as a great adventure.

My clients are driven to quit settling for mediocrity and ready to make a big dent in the world, to live big and leave an even bigger legacy.

Most people go through life wanting small changes. They have small goals, or want to just remain afloat. If this is you, you’re in the wrong place. If you want something truly extraordinary, something that will get you out of bed every single morning with a smile on your face, you are in the right place. I work with dreamers who are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. And to go on this journey, you must be willing to do things like you’ve never done them before, you show up in the world more powerfully than you ever have. Change isn’t difficult, it just takes a new mindset and attitude.

Listen, I get it, the greater and more epic the vision for your life is, the less people around you are willing to tell you what you really need to hear. People around you may say what will please you, but what makes coaching with me so powerful is that I am here, not to necessarily please you, but to serve you, and to serve you powerfully. I am here to hold you as your highest self and not let you settle for less. In my coaching, I won’t allow you to let your fears run your life, I will challenge you to go boldly into them. I will challenge the stories that have held you back, and I certainly won’t allow you to show up in the world less than you who really are. I will see you as the powerful person you are, even when you stop believing in yourself. I’ll say what no one else is courageous enough to say to you.

I believe in ALL of my clients, because I only choose to take on clients I believe in.

My coaching is not from a coaching book or a coaching program. My coaching is not from a template because that is not powerful coaching. If you want that, you can get it from a book. My coaching highly personalized for my client. My coaching is designed to change your life, not to be accessible for everyone. I guide people to see their world differently, through a lens of possibility and positivity, because when you help someone see their world differently, their entire world changes. When you see your world differently, you will show up more powerfully, and create powerful results. 

This is powerful and adventurous coaching and this is my purpose. 

Our work together will be adventurous, it will be bold, it will be powerful and deep.

I have personally worked with a variety of people one on one, from executives and CEO's, to athletes and actors, to other coaches and entrepreneurs. I support people in a powerful space to move passionately toward their dreams and goals. I create space for magic to happen.

Here’s to achieving the extraordinary life you’ve only ever dreamed about, it’s much closer than you realize!

Onward and Upward,



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"A theoretician Travis Barton is not. This man lives his beliefs. Sure he has the terminology, the conveniently organized life coach layout and condensation of: “the guidelines to manifest your desires and create the life you’ve always dreamed, etc.” but he does not just sit and preach from a world of books and words, Travis Barton lives it, and believe you me, his words are infused with life.

One may be reminded of Hemingway or the like when around Travis’ energy; that is, a man who declares his life solely his and all the world his Beloved playground to explore. It could be said of Travis that he is a romantic, living outside of the stifling boxes of society, and ever affirming the limitless possibilities we all knew as children with the bold, haughty, fortitude of a man alive and well.

Who gets on a plane by themselves, journeys hours and hours to a remote country that they’ve never been to before, arrives in the mysterious country only to be shrouded inside of total darkness for days (Iceland during winter), all for the sole (soul?) purpose of fulfilling a wonderstruck childhood dream of seeing the Northern Lights? Travis Barton does. Travis Barton did.

This story is one of many similar stories from Travis’ novel-worthy life. So to you out there searching for inspiration and change in your life, I leave you with this: You become what you eat, that is, what you surround yourself with. Mark Twain said “Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” Bring Travis Barton into your life, and simply absorb his energy--- yes, with theories and life coach bullet points in their rightful place, but simply absorb the romance, the boldness, and the red-hot iron enthusiasm that Travis Barton embodies and moves by and you will be changed for the better."

- Ryan Heflin


"I reached out to Travis for insight at a transition point in my life when I felt totally lost. With one response, he helped me to find hope when I felt depleted of it, and shift my perspective. To understand that the space I was in was a huge blessing, and that because I was lost, I was also free. That I truly had nothing holding me back but myself. I had the power to change my life and the space I was in was a gift. It was a liberating interaction. I was motivated and inspired.

I felt a connection to Travis and somehow knew that as a dreamer and a wisher who wasn’t sure how to embrace my freedom or establish a concrete vision for myself, that I very much needed someone like Travis at this particular point in my life to help propel me forward. I haven’t a doubt that on our journeys we are gifted with people who lift us up, carry us, encourage us, support us, and hold us accountable. Travis has been that remarkable person for me and I am beyond grateful for his service, his passion, and the heart and soul he invests into helping others become the best version of themselves. He has helped me lay the foundation to make my dreams to travel and obtain my yoga certification a reality.

To find clarity and purpose. To take risks that serve my growth. To open my heart. To heal. Expose my soul to the world. To develop confidence and self-love. To be the most authentic version of myself and own my path. Honour it. To travel within and embrace my passions to travel abroad and to continue to do so. I received my 200 HR yoga certification in Bali in October 2015 and it was a much needed, life changing trip. I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have without the support and guidance of Travis. Travis helps you to uncover your gifts, embrace them, and become the best version of yourself. I’ll forever be grateful for him."

- Cate Murray


"Travis is not your ordinary coach, He is completely congruent with what he teaches, He walks everything he talks. I came to Travis to learn how to be a life coach and within my first 3 months of working together I had signed 3 clients! I feel as if I’ve grown so much not just as a coach but as a person and would not have achieved what I have today without Travis. He has shown me that we can truly live a life of meaning doing what we love!"

- Josh Hale


“Travis Barton, quite literally, changes lives.  He certainly changed mine. A lot of good people will come into your life but only a handful will make a significant positive difference to it.  Travis is one of them.  His coaching style is effortless but impactful; without ever feeling stressful.  There’s a saying that "when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  If you’re reading this, then your teacher has appeared and his name is Travis.” 

-Sarah Blake


"What struck me the most, while working with Travis, was how his coaching guidance and advices were directly applicable and had immediate results in my life. I’m not talking about “theories” but about tangible and practical ways, which made me realize that life is an endless field of possibilities and if I wanted to achieve everything I’ve ever dreamed of - it was up to me and only! This is the magic of life and this is definitely the magic of Travis; makes you realize, in the most inspiring way, what you already knew deep inside and helps you get there, step by step!"

-Chrissa Giannakoudi